The shrimp farms are located in Vutukuru village in Nellore district, India, and are spread over an area of 150 acres. It is around 10 kms from the hatchery and is located on the estuary of Pennar River. The Farm draws sea brackish water from Pennar sea- mouth, which is at a distance of 270 meters from it.

The company has utilized the services of Association of Aqua Culture Technology Consultants (AACT), Calcutta, for the farm. AACT has provided technology for prawn culture right from the design stage for the grow-out ponds. Based in Calcutta and headed by Dr. A.N. Gosh, who was a consultant for United Nations and Managing Director of state Fisheries Development Corporation, West Bengal, AACT is a well reputed firm in aqua culture technology.

Our farms nurture excellent quality seeds. We ensure that we provide highly nutritious food, bio-safety efforts, pure water with strictly no antibiotics and we adhere to the rules that we look out to produce the most sought after shrimp.